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Magazine art

Cara Barer, Artist, "Rapunzel" 2009 - x x x Photographer: Laszlo Tompa

This is an example of paper art where the paper Strones appear like feathers

I have to think of it as paper art. otherwise I grieve for the books! Fabulous artist Bronia Sawyer creates amazing works with paper.

Cara Barer | Articularte

Cara Barer - Bluring the Lines Between Objects, Sculpture and Photography

Book Art by Cara Barer

Beautiful Book Art by Cara Barer

Fine art photographer Cara Barer has created two new beautiful book sculptures. Dream Tree started off as a novel titled "Enigma" while Blue Butterfly was,

that just makes my brain go in very tight circles until I get dizzy.  Don't look at the lights!

This bit of public art blends nature with traffic in one confusing sculture. It s Pierre Vivant’s Traffic Light Tree. A giant sculpture of fully-functioning traffic lights in London. For some reason it s parked next to a roundabout near Canary Wharf.