Awe Inspiring Look into the Future .... Not sure I'd want to live there, though.

The Art Of Animation, Feng Zhu / cyberpunk / futuristic steampunk / fantasy / sci fi / digital backgrounds


I watched a couple of environment art tutorials this morning and challenged myself to try something new. I love sci fi city's and always admire environment art so thought I'd give it a go. I wanted.

ArtStation - Night harbor, Egor Blintsov

[/r/ImaginaryFuturism] Night Harbor by Egor Blintsov : ImaginaryBestOf


Yuri Gvozdenko is an illustrator and animator and some of his work includes scenes of Hong Kong and futuristic scenes of a cyber city where there will be such dense cities where bridges to different building will be necessary.

Love the color and contrast. I need to learn to go more simple with light and dark like this guy did--I mean all the light is in just one area and it slowly gradates away.

here is my latest cover ,it's for the french edition of "The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier- INVINCIBLE this is the french release at "editions l'Atala. The Lost Fleet:INVINCIBLE