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I love it when it's cold enough to see your breath

I give you my soul, I give you my lungs. Take my body my hair my life. Mother Nature save me from myself and take my life away from me. The one thing you can't get is my heart it belongs to a boy .

Sunrise, Yearning, Sun Moon, Vibrant, Mountains, Scenery, Clouds, Bright, Ocean


The future of marijuana is iffy… Will legalization methods murder the hippie? What will weed commercials be like?

She said the high was divine The first time is what she kept on searching trying to find.

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Group training was okay, I either trained with my alliance, Clarke, or another girl named Nala. Individual training was my personal favourite, that's when I got to show the gamemakers what I can do. By the time my name was called the butterflies had flown away to someone else's stomach. I got up and Clarke gave me an encouraging smile. I went in to the room, the gamemakers were already drunk, even that Peresphone. "Excuse me?" {Continued in comments.}

Which Maze Runner Character Are You?

The art of taking still life portraits of people with your camera is not simple, a good close up face portrait has to balance several things: originality, good composition, quality of picture,facial and body projections.

Kaya Scodelario black leather jacket, gray minidress and black strappy heels

Kaya Scodelario black leather jacket, gray minidress, black tights / pantyhose and black strappy heels

Kaya Scodelario - Teresa!! FUN FACT! Kaya Scodelario is in a film called SHANK! Funny to me, anyone else?<<<I noticed that, too!!

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They’re problem solvers

The 27 Most Profound Things Ever Said On "Skins"