Sheet Music- 1915,The "Jelly Roll" Blues, composed by Fred 'Jelly Roll' Morton

Vintage Sheet Music Cover Art - "Jelly Roll" Blues, composed by Fred 'Jelly Roll' Morton

"Chiquita" Sheet music cover

1928 Vintage Sheet Music Spanish/Mexican Señorita Art Deco Illustration Chiquita by L. Wolfe Gilbert and Mabel Wayne-"A new waltz song by the Writers of Ramona" ("Chi-keeta")" with Ukulele and Banjo." Ramona- story set in California.

Sheet Music - Sunflower rag

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O du entzükendste der Frauen, 1923 (ill.: Willy Herzig); ref. 15162

"Casino Girls" ~ 1923 vintage sheet music cover Art Deco flappers illustrated by Willy Herzig.


Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away sheet music cover art. Via the Illinois University Library Collection