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Pan American Boeing 314 Clipper flying boat over San Francisco, circa 1940

Imperial Airways S.23 Mk II 'Bermuda' variant of the Empire (or: 'C-') Class flying boat 'Centaurus' G-ADUT (s/n: S.811) on the waters of Auckland Harbour 26 December 1938. The Mk II 'Bermuda' variant enjoyed an increased fuel capacity of 1,010 Imperial gallons and a range of 1,078 nm (1,998 km).  In the foreground: a Pan American Sikorsky S-42 on its first visit to NZ, a year after the inauguration of service by Imperial Airways.

Captain Edwin Musick on

The Samoan Clipper in Auckland Harbor after arriving ahead of Imperial Airways Centaurus on December

Te infla  el pecho la imagen

Mitchell, bomber used on the Doolittle Raid

Short Flying Boats

An informative and visual guide to Short Flying boats.

1936 ... Short 'Empire' flying boat

Short Empire Flying Boat - Max Speed 322 km/hr - Wingspan 35 mtr - Length 27 mtr - First flight July 1936

Tahiti Clippers by Stan Stokes.    Juan Trippe left Yale University in 1917 to enlist in the U.S. Navy. Trippe became a Naval Aviator on June 17, 1918. With the War nearing its end Trippe returned to Yale where he founded the Yale Flying Club. Writing in the May 1919 edition of The Yale Graphic, Juan speculated that the new Navy NC flying boats being introduced might be the first to successfully cross the Atlantic, and that eventually commercial flights across the Atlantic would be, a…

Tahiti Clippers by Stan Stokes. Juan Trippe left Yale University in 1917 to…

The last of the fleet, the Anzac Clipper NC18611

The Anzac Clipper, one of the Boeing that Pan Am flew just prior to America's entry into World War II. During the war, most of Pan Am's fleet of flying boats were transitioned to use.

Classic Woodie

Some parts of Vanuatu are only accessible by Sea Plane - remember this?

December 7, 1941. Stranded. Six days from its home port of San Francisco, this Boeing 314 flying boat, the "Pacific Clipper," was preparing to alight in Auckland, New Zealand, as part of the airline’s transpacific service when the crew of ten learned of the Japanese attack on the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor. Where to go? Forced to fly west, they made the first around the world flight by a commercial airliner — the hard way.

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The Boeing 314 Clipper flying boat

Clipper da Pan American a amarar no Tejo

Saunders Roe Princess was one of three prototypes and only one to fly

Saunders Roe Princess Flying Boat < I wonder who was the first to say "Flying Boat" and just how quickly he was handed over to the fellows in white lab coats and soft voices?

P5M Marlin at rest in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam (1954)

P5M Marlin at rest in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam (1954)

Grumman Albatross

Coast Guard Grumman Albatross we love float planes and amphibian aircraft…

Ww2 Bombers

B 17 Flying Fortress flying low over a deserted road Flanked with Spitfire too col