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No problem!

I'm not an alcoholic. They go to meetings. I'm a drunk. We go to parties. - some ecards, your ecards, drunk, alcoholic, parties

Okay, so I don't go the entire winter without shaving, but... I definitely don't do it as often as I do during the warmer months. lol!

Im a firm believer in the definition of this word: winter (noun)- the three month break between a woman and her razor. This would be exactly the case except for we are required to wear shorts in gym and sometimes I happen to have gym in the winter.

this is me

When your best friend is pregnant and you realize you won't have kids at the same time as planned. In fact, at your rate hers will babysit yours. - I don't compete with my friends. I think this idea is really cool if I should have kids.

Get me a bottle of Lucozade, a packet of KP Meanies and a Marlboro Light! STAT!

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