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Honda Series Wields Youtube in Game of Advertising Dare -

Honda 'Keep Up' campaign inspires to drive fast

Nice That : Test your speed reading skills in Wieden + Kennedy's clever Honda ad

Lord Flashheart's Grand Entrance - Blackadder - BBC

Breton noble that has achieved CHIM mantles Sanguine and breathes in Royalty at High Rock wedding.

PMS-Prehistoric Monster Syndrome. HILARIOUS. parody of a 1950's commercial.

A parody of 1950 educational and government propaganda videos.

Turns out phone obsession isn't a new thing.

The Downton Abbey parody The Britishes applies modern smartphone etiquette to turn-of-the-century telephones in the latest episode "Stop Looking at Your Phones." The series is a joint production be.

Kid Wisdom: Kaiser Permanente Thrive - YouTube

This is Kid Wisdom, one of the new spots for 2007 for the Thrive campaign from Kaiser Permanente.

wes anderson - a horror film

New Horror Trailer - SNL - Wes Anderson, "The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders" starring Edward Norton as Owen Wilson.

8 People Who Have Accomplished More Than You At Every Age

Free Video - 8 People Who Have Accomplished More Than You At Every Age

Da Vinci was an Indian sketch - Goodness Gracious Me - BBC Comedy One of the best clips from a very, very funny show!

A father-son debate about the role of Leonardo Da Vinci from an Indian culture point-of-view.


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Some say he was the best Seinfeld character. We don’t know about that, but certainly the show would have not been the same without him.

As Seinfeld's resident clown in the cast, Kramer has established himself as one of the most memorable TV characters ever.