(Open RP be him) I took off my headphones and smiled at you. "Well hello, gorgeous." I said. We've been friends for a long time, and I've always tried to win you. Though you always rejected me, I never gave up. "Dude, enough with the flirting!" You laughed. I smiled at you and kissed your cheek. "H-Hey!!" You yelled. I laughed. "Calm down." I said.

It looks like one of the twins off of Ouran high school host club<< Well, since we can't see the part in this guy's hair, it rules out figuring out which twin he would be. He is wearing headphones though, and Hikaru wears headphones more than Kaoru.

Rei is 16 and is a professional hacker, getting him into trouble from time to time. He's super smart and sarcastic, and can fix or destroy any computer based system in a matter of seconds. He's good at covering his tracks, too, and almost never gets caught. His dream is to get paid for what he does, and is currently working with FBI agents that just might have the job for him. He'll be a handful to take care of, but it'll surely be worth it.

Benjrue: is half angle, but there are three girls that are nekos who protects…