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toshi0104: “ Banana Man. A reminder that food doesn’t simply appear magically at the point of sale. ”

Uganda by youngrobv: The road from Mbarara to Kabale. I'd seen several people along the road transporting a multitude of products by bicycle, and it soon became a bit of a collector's sport to shoot them all, by way of photo camera obviously!

Africa | Nyim Kot a-Mbweeky III wearing royal dress 'Bwaantshy'; royal headdress known as 'Ntshuum Aniym'; necklace 'Lashyaash' made of leopard teeth; sword 'Mbombaam'; lance 'Mbwoom Ambady'; drums of reign 'Pelambish'; basket 'Kweemishaam'l' and other items of royal adornment.  DR Congo, 1971 | ©Eliot Elisofon

The Pelambish (Royal Drum) - Nyim Kot a-Mbweeky III and his royal drums. Drums can represents social statues in Africa. The royal drums are only played in ceremonies involving a chief or a king.

I LOVE IT, made me feel so greatful for everything that i have, especially a stroller-- go see more of Africa

The rock-hewn church of St. George inLalibela / Ethiopia (by DarkB4Dawn).

The Church of St. George is one of eleven monolithic churches in Lalibela, a city in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Carved from solid red volcanic rock in the century, it is the best known and last built of the eleven churches.

A rocky De Kelders Sunset in South Africa ©Denis Roschlau

A rocky De Kelders Sunset in South Africa ©Denis Roschlau

Higher point #africa #bright #inspiration

A Somali refugee girl sits perched on a tree in Dadaab refugee camp, close to the border between Kenya and Somalia. Photo by Brendan Bannon