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Women Make a Beautiful Canvas (27 Photos)

People love to make my skin their business and I only have 5 small tattoos. # If Its Not Your Skin # Its Not Your Business

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love this bible verse! I would love to somehow get this verse along with a bunch of other things together

"She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.❤" My all time favorite Bible verse and my favorite tattoo!


Arrow Design by Dr Woo. I will one day get a tattoo designed by this amazing artist!

Interróguese siempre lo siguiente: ¿Soy sincero conmigo mismo? Y si el corazón le dice que sí, y tiene que tirarse a un pozo, tírese con confianza.

Tatuajes ideales para las personas que están superando un mal momento

Through Every Dark Night Quote Tattoo Idea

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