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Oltre l'Amore - Trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Live, Love and Forgive Bead, Silver - Love is the greatest gift of all, show your dearest they are loved.


Trollbeads: Ocean Bead, Silver - The longing for the ocean, its roaring waves and countless beaches are all put into this bead that reminds us of saltwater and summer.


Trollbeads: Sandstone Bead - Coming from the ground, sandstone has been used as building material from ancient times to present day. Many temples and cathedrals are built of sandstone.

Trollbeads - Skeleton Spirit Bead

Trollbeads - Skeleton Spirit Bead

Rosa Angelica - Trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Rose Pendant Pendant - It starts out as a small baby bud, but before you know it, summer arrives, and rose petals unfold in the most beautiful splendor.

Nuova Foglia - Trollbeads.com

Beads Lots New Arrival HOT-Wholesale Ballet New Tree leaf Beads Fit All European Style Charm Bracelets


Trollbeads: Neverending Bead, Silver - Keep searching for possibilities.

Spirit Light Bead

Trollbeads: Spirit Light Bead - For many spirituality is connected with the light. Light is the beginning and also the end. Sculptured clear glass accepts and returns all rays of lights. Just as our spirits.