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The first time they got mobbed!! OMG XD!! This is the funniest thing ever hahaha!! Zayn and Liam though

The first time they got mobbed! This is the funniest thing ever hahaha! Zayn and Liam though. "I'm gonna die!", "my shoes!

THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN... literally the best One Direction thing to ever exist... also that scene in the movie when Harry first wakes up... that too ❣️❣️

Oh my god seriously though what kind of prom did Liam and Louis go to I'm crying 😂 -E<<< EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. Also, that was a really good idea to take cheesy prom pictures!

Oh Niall....haha

Niall decided to chase Lou in her car. Paul is carrying Niall with one arm. ONE ARM


I know I already pinned this but it's just so hilarious XD LLN XD

I'd be Niall

Niall is me. I am Niall. We are one therefor we will be married

When Niall is one of the hugest 1D fans in the world...

love yourself as much as niall loves one direction. Now we all know that the biggest Directioner is the only Niall Horan!

Poor Niall

I've already pinned this but.what the heck, I'm glad I was there to experience that funny moment(:

My BOYS...

Hahahahaha awwwwww>>> I love how Harry just stands there. Like imagine if he would stand on his tippy toes as well, we'd only see his lips lol but Louis is damn good

Took the words right out of my mouth❤

Took the words right out of my mouth❤