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Was there anything better than spending the day shopping on St. in it's heyday. Would always come home with the coolest stuff from Fiorucci

cosas que hacen las personas exitosas padres

50 cosas que las personas exitosas hacen para alcanzar la felicidad

Fiorucci Diary/  I had this exact agenda in h.s.  Chomp on this @Juniper Lee

Fiorucci Diary/ I had this exact agenda in h. Chomp on this Lee

Fiorucci jotters

AF - Fierce and provocative vintage artwork & images from New York’s infamous Fiorucci store

Since "launching in 2014":http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/nichons-nous-sur-linternet as the publication that finally united tits and the internet in printed form, _Nichons – Nous Dans l’Internet_ (which translates as _Tits – We In The Internet_) appears to have gone from strength to strength. Unlike the oft-ephemeral nature of the internet-based content that inspires it, the French magazine takes the form of a considered, well designed and hefty volume.

Bilingual printed magazine about the Internet ~ Revue semestrielle imprimée

Ski masks for chilly cheeks... as seen in "Teenagers Weekly."

Kind of terrifying- Teenagers’ Weekly 1963 - ski fashions<<<<And the reason they scare the living sh!t out of Gerard<<<That comment makes me think of P!