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Summer Festival-Special Limited ver. Coco & Miel

Summer Festival-Special Limited ver. Coco & Miel

Latidolls.  Must get one !

Latidolls. Must get one !

whoa, when did all this happen? #dolls

Jeni Bunny Lati Yellow doll Benny Small dolls in winter attire AND with a stuffed toy?

cute pink hair #dolls

Lati Yellow - Doll / not 'special body' which is taller. -- this SAD face HEAD is always sold out. LATI dolls come in WHITE/ Yellow/ Orange/ Green etc. It has nothing to do with doll color, it has to do only with SIZE> Lati Yellow is to smallest size.

.a cute dolly with her teddy for you my sweet Vylette <3

"Lati - Yellow" / Lati is the Doll Brand - white is the tiniest, yellow littlest, color chart has to do with size.

Cute little lati kitten!    Dolls, cute doll, for girls, girly, kawaii, dollie, dolly, toys for girls, BJD

If Lily had her own Momiji doll, she might dress something like this. Cute little lati kitten!

Lilla Mygg | Gloomy day portrait of the darling Gloomy Belle… | Flickr

Gloomy day portrait of the darling Gloomy Belle :))

Rainy Afternoon Set for Lati by SMPdoll on Etsy

today i have day free coz i already finished all my orders so i think i will focus on resizing existing patterns and maybe making some new designs :) very excited :)

Lati yellow Sunny - my favorite basic Lati yellow doll!

I am totally in love with this face sculpt! XD Im gonna have to add this doll to my collection wish list XD (Lati Yellow Sunny)