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「彼らがこの世から消えてしまう前に、その記録を世界に残しておきたい!」。イギリスのフォトグラファーJimmy Nelson氏は、2009年からプロジェクト『BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY』を開始。世界の少数民族の姿を写したハイクオリティな写真は、世界中の人々に今まで知り得なかった新しい世界を見せてくれる。彼らと寝食を共にしながら、撮影されたのが、ここに紹介する写真だ。01.ヒンバ...


Rabari Nobleman, Rathanambore National Park, Aman Bagh, Rajashan, India - From the book 'Before They Pass Away' - Art-print # XVI 233

Riding a bullet in traditional silk. Heck, why not?

A Maharashtrian woman, Dr Aparna Bandodkar rides a bike during Gudi Padwa celebrations in Mumbai on Thursday, April What a lovely smile !

Jodhpur (India) - a Rajasthan princess | There is something primal, fundamental, overwhelming in the beauty of Indian women, which blossoms way before adulthood. Married at an early age, bearing the responsibilities of an entire household - parents, brothers, husband - their face carry an air of seriousness, calm and composure I thought could be found only among the most elegant and well-mannered dames of the West. Still, childhood is usually not hidden far behind....

Jodhpur (India) - Rajasthan princess in sari with gorgeous colormix