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Resultado de imagen de francis bitonti 3d dress

Gorgeous neck decoration printed on a printer by Shapeways! Lotus Top by ThreeForm

Body jewelry6

30 Accesorios que cambiarán para siempre la manera en que los usas

Gold shoulder body chains jewelry /// black sexy cut dress : how f'n cool is that shit man?

Tubo interno collar  tubo interno geométrico collar por MorganaCrea

Vegan Upcycled Inner Tube Necklace Black Necklace by MorganaCrea

Innovative textiles for fashion with silicone fragments for a flexible textured fabric; conceptual fashion design // Andreea Mandrescu // “Materiality” by Andreea Mandrescu

Ornamento para el cuello

My favorite piece by the incredibly talented and eloquent Kiwon Wang that highlights one of the sexiest parts of the human body.