¿Sabíais que Humphrey Bogart y Lauren Bacall se casaron 3 meses después de rodar juntos esta película?

Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe and Lauren Bacall as Vivian Rutledge in 'The Big Sleep' Directed by Howard Hawks. Written by William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett and Jules Furthman. Based on the book of the same title by Raymond Chandler.

Humphrey Bogart in 'The Big Sleep' (Dir. Howard Hawks, 1946)

Philip Marlowe detective in “The Big Sleep” (actor: Humphrey Bogart, book: Raymond Chandler). Is he the real Man?

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39 Unbelievably Radiant Pictures Of Lauren Bacall

Bogart and Lauren Bacall Key Largo still. Bacall wears: Roomy white shirt, circular or possibly double circle skirt and ankle strap sandals.

Humphrey Bogard and Lauren Bacall

Humphrey Bogard and Lauren Bacall

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Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall in "Young Man with a Horn" (1950).

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