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A chandelier hangs near where the Grand Staircase once was.

The Grand staircase was the centerpiece of Titanic. After the remains of Titanic& shipwreck were discovered, they realized the staircas.

New York - April 22, 1912.Titanic survivors - Brothers Michel and Edmond Navratil -  ages 4and 2.

New York." Brothers Michel ("Lolo") and Edmond Navratil, ages 4 and whose father perished when the RMS Titanic sank 100 years ago today, and were known as the "Titanic orphans" until their mother was located in France.

Titanic Second Officer Charles Lightoller said he knew the real reason why Titanic hit the iceberg and sank. He protected White Star and kept the info to himself except for telling his beloved wife. He followed the "Women and Children" rule and dove into the ocean as it sank. He lead a group of others in staying afloat on an overturned lifeboat. He was the last survivor to board the Carpathia. His is a story worth reading. His version of what happened to Titanic is incredible.

Revealed after 98 years: The REAL reason why the Titanic hit that iceberg

Titanic-Second-Officer-Charles-Lightoller- highest ranking officer to survive- the last survivor taken aboard Carpathia. His granddaughter has revealed that a steering error was made in trying to avoid the iceberg that night among other details.

Wood carving and clock on the grand staircase of the Titanic  http://www.titanicandco.com/inside.html

Inside RMS Titanic - Interior and Passenger Accommodation and Titanic's Officers

17 Year-Old Titanic Survivor’s Story

17 Year-Old Titanic Survivor’s Story

The dramatic first-hand account of Jack Thayer, a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic, is to be published next month after lying almost forgotten for decades. Should be published by now

titanic boarding pass replica

Titanic Boarding Pass

Use Titanic ticket and thousands of other image to build an immersive game or experience.

Harold Bride, the Titanic's junior wireless operator, sent distress signals as the ship took on water. He survived by clinging to an overturned collapsible lifeboat, although his feet were frostbitten. Here he is carried up a gangway after the rescue ship, the RMS Carpathia, arrived in New York. (Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

Survivor: In this 1912 photo made available by the Library of Congress, Harold Bride, surviving wireless operator of the Titanic, with feet bandaged, is carried up the ramp of a ship

When the Titanic sank William Rowe Richards was aged 3 years. His last residence was in Penzance Cornwall England. He boarded the Titanic as a 2nd Class passenger at Southampton on Wednesday April 10, 1912, Ticket No. 29106. Destination: Akron, Ohio.    William Rowe Richards survived the sinking (lifeboat 4) and was picked up by the Carpathia disembarking at New York City on Thursday April 18, 1912.

When the Titanic sank, William Rowe Richards was aged 3 years. He boarded the Titanic as a Class passenger at Southampton on Wednesday April William Rowe Richards survived the sinking and was picked up by the Carpathia.

Last survivor of T

When I went to the Titanic exhibit with my mom, I got her ticket. The Last Titanic Survivor Dies At Millvina Dean was the last person to pass away from the Titanic.

“Only known photograph aboard Titanic and also last known photograph. Pictured alongside Lightoller, as they prepare to close the gangway before depature from Queenstown, Ireland on April 11th, 1912. It is also the last known photograph of a Titanic officer on duty.”

Historic photograph of Officer Lightoller and Officer Murdoch seen through Titanic's open starboard E-Deck door forward B oth Hero's of the disaster. Lightoller had an amazing life!