Miki Nakamura - paper sculpture

Miki Nakamura - paper sculpture Try this with wool and optic fibers?

Bienvenue sur benedicte-vallet.odexpo.com !

Bienvenue sur benedicte-vallet.odexpo.com !


Designer Eneida Tavares takes a look at two handmade techniques and seamlessly blends them to create a series of one-of-a-kind vases and containers, aptly called Caruma, which is Portuguese for pine needles.

L'ivre de matieres & de couleurs | toutbleu: Erna Aaltonen

this perfect blue object is called . Verytide by Erna Aaltonen (Finnish, Made: 2012 Hand built vessel, stoneware glaze with metal colored oxides

Univers Mininga

Collapsing Forward by Ula Einstein - mixed media installation using fire, tyvek, thread and rice paper.