Tokyo Fashion Week street style.  [Photo by Onnie A. Koski]

They Are Wearing: Tokyo Fashion Week Fall 2015

This is Shoshipoyo, 18. He's wearing a Buccal Cone kanji print sheer top over a Nikki Lipstick “METAL” top, a Dog Harajuku graphic bomber jacket, Buccal Cone kanji print sheer pants over Mam Avantgarde graphic tights, & tall Buffalo platform boots. Accessories include several piercings, a bucket hat from his friend Feifei, pompom earrings from Bubbles Harajuku, a Pin Nap choker, suspenders from DAMAGE, a Dog Harajuku handbag, & a Neoprene waist bag from DAMAGE. (Tokyo Fashion, 2014)

Shoshipoyo on the street in Harajuku wearing a Dog bomber over a Nikki Lipstick top with sheer kanji print top and pants from Buccal Cone, a DAMAGE neoprene bag, and Buffalo platforms.