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Michael Deppisch on

Tired of the same old politics?Vote for someone tired, same and old!

Um..well...couldn't have said it better myself.  I am very tired of her brand of 'leadership.'

I love this and agree! Hillary you crooked bitch you are not worthy to be president. Please take this as a free offer. Hillary FUCK OFF!

Emails obtained through a federal lawsuit show that two top aides to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were running interference internally during the 2012 Benghazi terror attack.

Emails show Clinton aides running interference during Benghazi attack

Emails show Clinton aides running interference during Benghazi attack,clinton was constantly being updated as Benghazi attack was happening. foia requested Clinton emails show this

This is beyond revolting! While most on capital hill play footsy with obama and the migrant invasion, innocent AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE KILLED! Killary has so much blood on her hands.

Barack Hussein Obama

Steve Goddard on

Obama One For all the class warfare rhetoric spewed by Barack Hussein Obama and his NeoCom cadres, he and his co-conspirator, Michelle LaVaughn, live like royalty.

90 Miles From Tyranny

Giving your ENEMY everything they demand is NOT diplomacy but CAPITULATION! Obama is just stalling. he wants Iran to have this capability, he wants to destroy Israel!

Quit spending taxpayer money on your personal vacations      Judicial Watch Sues Over Michelle Obama's Travel Costs..[Heard they were suing..has anyone seen/heard where it stands now? 17vacations in less than 4years!! How long does it take to stop such despicable disgrace of a first lady/and President ? We are paying "Our Fair Share"so they can spend US into Bankruptcy..We've been deceived/Lied to every step of the way, and it will continue till they're removed from office..csw]

The United States Air Force is being sued by a Conservative group called Judicial Watch over Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain in Read our article on the Obama’s 16 vacations: here.

People who Hate Being Stereotyped Might Be the Ones Who are Actually Causing the Stereotyping

Patrick Henry on

Starts a network about "PEACEFUL ISLAM" & is arrested for beheading his wife. Yet no one bats an eye because everyone knows that muslims are all about subjugating women & killing innocent people.

That old "Change" thing turned out to be not such a successful platform for Hillary.

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Obama's #1 success: Dividing America along with the help of his minions and the $$ from his leaders

Obama - Divider-in-Chief - Says Race Relations May Worsen if He Doesn't Get What He Wants - Freedom Outpost



Sharyl Attkisson: White House Hiding Photos of Obama on Night of Benghazi Attack -  DECEMBER 26, 2014

Sharyl Attkisson: White House Hiding Photos of Obama on Night of Benghazi Attack - Freedom Outpost