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where do they go? i think sisters are part of the problem

It’s a girl thing (30 photos)

Every Doctor’s Logic....so annoying to tell your story twice...I usually don't say much to the nurse anymore

Funny pictures about Every time I have an appointment with the doctor. Oh, and cool pics about Every time I have an appointment with the doctor. Also, Every time I have an appointment with the doctor.

picture on kenyan runner carrying person across finish line during race | http://media.mwcradio.com/podblogs/uploads/six_hunnit.jpg

The web is an inexhaustible mine of funny pictures, with millions of people looking for their daily dose of laughter. In this post you will find 20 images that will make you laugh every single time…

Sometimes thats just how it is!

nails except mines reversed because im left handed. no matter how hard i try my left hand just doesnt look as good :(

Def mee

Funny pictures about My talents. Oh, and cool pics about My talents. Also, My talents.

Hahaha I have nothing against Justin Beiber but I love Selena Gomez!

"Don't bring a girl to the NBA playoffs. She'll get bored." Case in point: Justin and Selena :)).>case n point Justin's the girl!

Thick haired girl problems

This is all my hairties. Also I have to use these really fat hair ties (not scrunchies), but it still happens

This is 500% accurate.

These Comics Perfectly Describe Women’s Everyday Problems (By Cassandra Calin) sorry for the cussing this is hilarious