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Merida as Black Widow

Merida as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow! Rapunzel and Jack Frost left for the entire Big Four cast! Merida as Black Widow

fuck yeah disney fanart

I've been meaning to do some Brave fanart for a while, and as I was making some simple Celtic jewellery the other day, I was in the mood for some Celtic. Brave: Mother and Daughter

Apocalypse Merida by hiddenwriterspirit

Made by Naomi An Apocalypse AU of Merida. You guys have no idea how bad I wanna cosplay this.I'll get to it eventually I plan on doing the entire Big.

Merida and SparkZipper my new edit

Stormfly is Astrid's dragon. In the film adaptation, she is a Deadly Nadder and her rider is.