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I am a happily self confessed Trekkie!! I even follow William Shatner on Twitter.  Favourite Star Trek Series: Deep Space Nine    Favourite Star Trek Film: First Contact    Favourite Star Trek Captain: James T. Kirk. Jean Luc Picard may be more cerebral but you'd want Kirk by your side in a fight!

original caption --> "Spock and Kirk. The original bromance." // ACTUALLY, they were the characters that launched the concept of SLASH in America according to many people.

Star Trek cast

The last picture of the original Star Trek crew: George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Keonig, and William Shatner. The original Enterprise has only grown over the years.

IMDb Remembers Leonard Nimoy: 1931-2015

Remembers Leonard Nimoy: 1931-2015

Spock'' Leonard Nimoy who mostly known for the Hollywood classical Blockbuster Sci-Fi movie, Star Trek and the Roger Corman Award Winning filmmaker Ryota Nakanishi at UCLA.