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This was originally posted at alistairdove.com June 21, 2010. To see another bizarre parasitic relationship, check out Rebecca Helm’s recent...

Pug-nosed Eel, Simenchelys parasiticus found alive in the heart of a Short-fin Mako Shark

Inside the Flipper

The Amazing World of Whales Revealed in Giants of the Deep


Leatherback turtle esophagus - When This Massive Turtle Opens Its Mouth, You're In For The Surprise Of Your Life

The Echinoblog

Goniocidaris from deep-sea habitats in the tropical Indo-Pacific.

This Sea Robin, or Gurnard, is crawling around on fin rays modified into 6 creepy legs.   gif set

Real Monstrosities - This Sea Robin, or Gurnard, is crawling around on fin rays modified into 6 creepy legs.

MysteryBirdNeenerNeener by GrrlScientist, via Flickr

Today's mystery bird for you to identify

Mystery bird: probable hybrid goose, barnacle goose X Ross's goose

Christmas tree worms

“Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) Christmas tree worms are a species of brightly coloured marine worms that live in tropical oceans. The tree like structures are modified.


Provocolate: Taramosalata- Clean Monday rings in Lent, and a Lavish Fast

Bristol Aquarium

In honor of their new "Giant Pacific Octopus" exhibit, Bristol Aquarium has commissioned some pretty badass building art.

Bristles glow around the mouth of a deep-sea crab. Description from alizul2.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

What Big Eyes You Have Image courtesy NOAA-OER An inch-long squat lobster known as Gastroptychus spinifer has relatively large eyes, which help it detect bioluminscent light in the deep sea, the team discovered.

Northern River Terrapin

Northern river terrapin is number 4 on the most endangered turtle's list. Once found throughout Southeast Asia, this species has vanished from many countries due to overexploitation for food and medicine. Photo by: WCS.

Snails high on acid make poor choices

Snails High On Acid Make Poor Choices, Get Eaten By Predators

Man who thought he was slapping an opossum actually slapped a porcupine | Dangerous Minds

Man slaps an opossum, gets a handful of 400 porcupine quills