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sweet Irish Setter puppy, this one has a very pretty head and expression.

My golden retriever puppy - so sweet!

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

Golden Retriever puppy  #dogs #pets #ShermanFinancialGroup

Ways to massage your dog shown by Liz Rizzo on her dog, Friend the golden retriever in Hawaii. How to Give Your Dog a Massage How to massage your dog demonstrated by Liz Rizzo on her dog, Buddy the golden retriever in Hawaii.

The Little Hermitage

"On a factory farm, cow’s milk is not intended for baby cows – it’s intended for humans. Therefore, baby calves are not allowed to nurse. They are taken from their mothers as soon as two hours after birth"

You had me at hay.......

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. God makes amazing things! Look how Beautiful this creature is. Not only are cows beautiful, but they are the sweetest loving animals!