Kissy Elves Christmas Cookie Tutorial

Kissy Elves Christmas Cookie Tutorial (Klickitat Street)

Santa and Elf decorated Christmas cookies by Sweet Sugarbelle

Santa and Friends Christmas Cookies, both using snowman cutter, elf has mini heart head

Common cookie cutters that can be made into Christmas cookies. And in case you’re wondering, I made them with random cutters too.  Mrs. Clause was formerly a skull, Rudy a bear {a gingerbread cutter works too}, the elf an angel, Santa a turkey {of course}, and Frosty a full body snowman that I trimmed.

Decorated Santa Cookieself is an angel cookie upside down with hat added, santa is a turkey cutter, reindeer a bear or gingerbread cutter, mrs clause a skull cutter snowman full size cutter with body cut off.