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deviantART: More Like The Hobbit - Kili - Thorin - Fili by *Mibu-no-ookami

Fili and Kili wish you a Merry Christmas! I enjoyed The Hobbit and I like most of the characte. The Hobbit - Merry Christmas!

This won't make much sense unless you've seen Part 1. Aw! Bilbo, don't make his majesty cry. By the way, thank you, Martin Freeman, for your face. And you too, Richard Armitage. Your faces are the ...

The Wrong Hobbit Part 2 by on DeviantArt: And Bilbo laments the loss of his best lines. Sorry - you've got the wrong Hobbit (you should be looking for the Tolkien one)

Tickling! by AlyTheKitten on DeviantArt

by AlyTheKitten on DeviantArt


This was the last time Thorin Oakenshield would mind the babies while Dis shopped. ---- Wait, is Thorin holding a GOLF CLUB or am I imagining things?

The Hobbit characters as Cats

Love everything about the Dwarf cats! (and little Hobbit guinea pig) But mostly Fili and Kili at the end.