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Image from Thomas Edison's laboratory, where so many modern conveniences of life originated. It was with this very telephone that made a test call to his assistant and uttered the immortal words, "Mr. Watson, come here -- I want to see you.

Mieux que l'iPhone, un téléphone d'époque #steampunk #metalaustral

Swedish Royal Die Cast Historical Vintage Replica Desk Touch Tone Telephone

Bring a distinctive touch to your office or library with this beautiful antique replica telephone, featuring ornate filigree detailing in an antique bronze finish. Product: TelephoneColor: Black and bronzeFeatures: Touch-tone dialingDimensions: H x W x D

I don't know which room this is going in. But can it please be a communal one? Like maybe in the living room or a hallway or something.

- Paramount Collections Eiffel Tower decorator phone- Paramount model number Realistic magneto generator ornaments- Die cast handset and body frames- Classic felted handset cord- Push button dialing in a rotary fashion plate- Last number redia


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https://flic.kr/p/4QofvD | Old awesome phone | This is also from Jolie Zoe Deux which just happens to be across from the Rutherford Antique store where I got my chair and some other goodies.

Vintage awesome phone by A Bella Life.I'm sure kids today would look at this and be like what is this huge contraption?