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Mount Erebus meters), Ross Island, is the most active volcano in Antarctica, which also contains "persistent" lava lake, one of a very few long-lived lava lakes in the world

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"Clouds - variations of white. This is why I'll fight anyone for the window seat on a flight. window seats are the best

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The Sky Is Falling In Bozeman, Montana - Stunning And "Unusual" Shelf Cloud Formation Creates Ominous Effect!

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Funny pictures about Incredible Cloud Formations. Oh, and cool pics about Incredible Cloud Formations. Also, Incredible Cloud Formations photos.

Camille Seaman and 'The Big Cloud' - The New York Times. Nebraska.

Chasing Danger, Capturing Beauty

Epic supercell thunderstorm clouds in Kansas from photographer Camille Seaman. - I see this and think, God help that farmer! Silos right underneath that thing! Check out the website to see

I could stare at photos of clouds or the real things for ages #inspirecreatesharecomp #SUavidcrafter

☁ᙖҽąմ৳Ꭵƒմℓ Ꮳℓσմɖ ᖘᎥƈ৳մɽҽʂ☁ ~ The higher the clouds, the more chance of a tornado. Read an article on cumulous cloud formations, and I recall this from that article.

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Rare double lenticular cloud formation over Mount Shasta, CA (photo by Cindy M.

Cloud Atlas - cloud classification, cloud pictures

Wont pin the picture I want but this site has awesome cloud pictures with explanations