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Risultati immagini per shabbat shuvah

During Yom Kippur we need to turn away from our sin and return to YHVH. Teshuvah means both return and answer. Teshuvah Teshuvah - returning is the answer!

Shabbat Candles - My Light I just love this video. They describe Shabbat exactly as I experience it

Different Jewish women from different backgrounds speak about their special moment lighting the Shabbat Candles

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Ismar David, 12 Tribes of Israel on the Bible Archway at Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodbridge, NJ, 1957


Understanding How Numerology Works

Soul in Hebrew - Neshama

Soul in Hebrew - Neshama

Family in Hebrew = mishpakha

Book in Hebrew - Sefer. What is your favorite book in Hebrew? Please share the Hebrew word to bring peace to the World!