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Khoi San of Namibia - The Eve Gene ~By Gregory Colbert  Love your grandparents, everything could be different tomorrow

Khoi San of Namibia - The Eve Gene ~Indigenous Bushman/San girl embraced by grandmother old, 75 years old), Namibia (Image taken to raise awareness and funds for the conservation projects of N/a¿an k Photo by Martin Harvey on Getty Images

Classic movie actress Gene Tierney, as a child...pretty girl (& she turned into a beautiful woman:)♥

Gene Eliza Tierney was an American film and stage actress. Acclaimed as a great beauty, she became established as a leading lady.

Gene Tierney- no offense to Vivian Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, or Elisabeth Taylor...but Gene Tierney has to be the most beautiful of the classic stars. I cant say her acting is my most favorite..I am not a fan of most of the movies I've seen her in except The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney, were thought to be one of the top romantic on screen couples of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Gene Tierney an.

Lovely Gene Tierney, 1941

The actress Gene Tierney poses in Best remembered for Laura, Tierney left New York's socialite life to be an actress. She did become a star, but her own story was scarred by disastrous romances, failed marriages and mental illness. Photo by Grey Villet.

Gene Kelly. That smile gets me every time #vintage #men -pinned by Vintage specialists Maxon's Attic

Classic Hollywood's Most Handsome Actors

Gene Kelly - a classic song & dance man! Just look at that smile!

Gene Tierney

Little Gene Tierney as a child: Apparently there was no awkward period for her.she seems to have won the genetic lottery in utero. Some people.

Judy Garland & Frank Sinatra  Performed on ‘The Danny Kaye Show’, October 1945.       > Frank: In ‘Anchors Aweigh’ was I OK?   ::    > Judy: I just adored Gene Kelly!    ::  > Frank: Thanks a lot!

Judy Garland & Frank Sinatra Performed on ‘The Danny Kaye Show’, October > Frank: In ‘Anchors Aweigh’ was I OK? :: > Judy: I just adored Gene Kelly! :: > Frank: Thanks a lot! So love Sinatra

Gene Tierney - star of the movie Laura which I was named after.  My mom loved the movie, the song and I think she was hoping I'd look like Ms. Tierney - lol

~ Gene Tierney ~ Tierney is absolutely stunning. So beautiful! (source) (source) (source) (source) Learn more about Gene Tierney here.

Watching your favorite movie for the 100th time and enjoying it like it was the first time.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Movie starring Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison and George Sanders.

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Cute if we don't kiss the baby's face off until it's disfigured like this couple is doing

"A Girl of the Limberlost" can be divided into two sections -- the first is a Cinderellaesque story about a strong, intelligent young girl who is pursing her music and education, despite her nasty old mother's loathing of her. But once that storyline is wrapped up, the second half of the book becomes a haunting, passionate love story.

A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter

A Girl of the Limberlost or anything by Gene Stratton-Porter. (One of my all time favorites as a girl).