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How to Doodle humans

doodling tutorial by i need to up my doodling skills for the kids. This is a good doodle for those who cant draw people- like me!

"Go ahead, make fun of my tee."

this guy took a kitten shirt and made it badass by having a tiger head and having tatsTap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

Cinque baci famosi nell'arte

Il bacio nell'arte: cinque quadri e sculture famose

On dumpster diving essay by lars eighner Introduction “On Dumpster Diving”-by Lars Eighner, is a story of a man discussing his life being homeless and how he came to acquire his livelihood by scavenging.

Imaginative Augmented Photography Illustration Design

18 Augmented Photographs: A World Within Our Own World

Imaginative Augmented Photography Illustration Design