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Remember how Percy had a picture of Annabeth in his school notebook in SoM?<<< but the dreams of a demigod is kind of real

She never knew??

If Annabeth fell for Leo instead. btw if you've read Percy Jackson make sure u read Heroes of Olympus too (it's worth it)

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Their hearts died at the same time so they wouldn't have to live without the other! THE PERCABETH FEELS!

Awwwww! Alex even thinks that they are adorable!!

This is not cave people times! Sorry if I got my history wrong. I'm in middle school.

hahah has the second person read the books? because percy is pretty goddamn scary, his own gf got scared of him, that sure says something.

He took the cookie guys. He took the cookie

i think this is more of something that leo or the stolls would do. Percy would just stare at the kid for a moment and run out.<<I don't like this headcannon all that much, but that comment tho


Percassy Jackson (side note: I am looking at Percabeth pictures and I was listening to You & I by one direction)

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Solangelo Headcanons<~~ I'm squealing like a demented pig these are soooo cute! <--- Death Boy top is my favourite (and Jason shipping them)

Even though they both can't read english verry easily...... this is the cutest thing ever #percy #jackson ~amber

This could definitely happen. And, if Percy hadn't seen Annabeth, I can see her walking up to the mean girls, judo flipping them and saying"Get away from my boyfriend!