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toonarmyist:  Sylvie Vartan

Sylvie Vartan (born 15 August is a Bulgarian-French singer and actress. She is born near to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sylvie Vartan

If I had access to a magic time travelling phonebooth that would allow me to exchange wardrobes, hairstyles, make-up an.


Sensational Twiggy Fashion's newest sensation, 17 year old Lesley "Twiggy" Hornby strikes a pose on a doorstep.

Come play with us, Danny...for evah and evah and evah....

“Well, there’s no more to drink, and then there’s, um…well…erm…I think we’ll be going.

Ann Margaret - 60's Mod Look..that stance.  I lived that as a kid.  That was the I'm hot stance

Ann-Margret / publicity photo for Henry Levin’s Murderers’ Row

Ewa Aulin

Ewa Aulin is so beautiful, the mini dresses she wears we're so sixities! but she dissapeared in the where did she go?