he looks so sMOL

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idk if ive already pinned this, oh well

I wonder if I'll ever find anyone to say it's okay when I break into an existential crisis/over thinking mode.

Dan and phil:

Why sleep when you can meme?

The fact they've met fills me with incredible happiness and makes me love all of them more ♥♥

I just adore how Dan's like a gigantic Fall Out Boy fan, like he's liked them for such a long time and he legitimately fangirls around them

Josh: Why should we hire you?  Dan: I'm good at eating, drinking, and falling on the floor.

Josh: Why should we hire you? Dan: I have existential crises Phil: I like lions Tyler: Awesome

★☆ .:*:★вўё... вўё...★:*:.☆★

bye bye imma go cry in a corner with pink, purple and blue tears coming out of my bi eyes

"In case Santa tries to burgle us, he will die horribly" XD That's what my cousins and I said as kids :D