Total Recall Synthetic police

Building Military Top Secret - Terminator Robots Assassins For Army Future?

Total Recal 2012

From one of the best movie remakes of all times Total Recall This Bad Ass futuristic Police Soldier is now available to be controlled by YOU If you like.

Possible Design Idea - Archery Exoskeleton "Cylinder Placements"

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If an army of demonic goblins from another galaxy descended on our planet earth tomorrow and called us out into battle, with no doubt these troops would make our super army.

This is just awesome looking

The leathers i would need to go for a ride on a sports bike these days Lol Could hide it under a Leather jacket and pants :)


sci fi science fiction armor Robot Suit Digital Illustration mech art Teruyuki and Yuka

Cyber technology

Quick casters use adaptive gear to correct their neurological difficulties. The least expensive gear is heavy and much of it is external. All gear is at least partially implanted and it cannot be removed without surgery.