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Newminals: First Photo Manipulation project    (Results will be hilarious)

Have students do the exquisite corpse drawing parlor game to create scranimals and then make digital ones on the computer.

I hope scientists don't get any crazy ideas when they see these ridiculously terrifying animal hybrids...

The Lingering Death of a Meditation Practice

Check out the crazy everyday animals that we see in the world morphed with other animals!

Hybrid Animals Photoshop 18 Hybrid Animals Make My Brain Feel

Pics Photos - Hybrid Animals Photoshop 18 Hybrid Animals Make My Brain Feel

#Funny birds - Photoshop Manipulation #Images

Photoshop manipulation can make weird and strange photos of animals. I'm truly amazed by looking at these weirdest animals.

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New species have been created by an enterprising artist who has merged photos of animals together in this incredible series of pictures. Californian Sarah DeRemer, started making hybrid animals as a way to improve her photoshop skills.

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Real Hybrid Animals Pug Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

Warning: These Images Might Make Your Brain Hurt

Bear + Crocodile These Bizarre Animals Manipulated On Photoshop Are Hilarious