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Mario had enough with Toad!

[XBOX] Video Game Cheats & Tips - Mobile entertainment for ios/android

Super Mario 3D World Thing by MarioGamer2000

For every silly FNAF thing I do, there's a big Super Mario thing as the outcome. Hope everyone likes it Super Mario World Thing

Why Gaming is Good For You #infographic

Why Gaming is Good For You

Interesting infographic on games and learning. Gaming is Good for You (Infographic)

19 Cool and Interesting Facts About Super Mario Bros - TechEBlog

Here are some cool and interesting things you may not have known about Super Mario Bros. (also, it was Pauline, not Princess Peach, in Donkey kong. Sorry, I'm a video game snob )

funny smash bros - Google Search

After all the castles Mario went through for her, and now this.<< Marth is wayyy to fabulous and he knows it

Super Mario Bros. Re-Imagined In 100 Images

Super Mario Bros. Re-Imagined In 100 Images

Magical Game Time: A Day in the Life of a Shy Guy Dorkly Comic.

What it's like to play with Link

Series of Comics From Dorkly: “It Sucks Playing Games With Link”<<<but i would still play games with link!

Reminded me of you

A Very Mario Christmas - Dorkly Comic. Best enjoyed if you imagine the invincibility star music in your head while looking at the last frame

The lag did it..

keep calm and blame it on the lag. show me one gamer who has kept their shit together when it lags. < I totally agree!