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*INDIA ~ Elephant Festival: Gaily painted and covered in brightly coloured + gilded clothes, the Elephants of Jaipur parade through the streets run races, play polo + participate in Holi, the festival colours.


Gorgeous India, Walking Gracefully (A beautiful animal)

This cute, clumsy baby elephant kicks the ball around for a bit, falling down here and there and amusing every human in attendance.

Funny baby elephant pictures and elephant jokes. What joy. Wouldn't you love to be a baby elephant playing in the water? See our funny elephant pictures

elephant wearing pants

Original vintage magazine ad for Sanforized Plus featuring a fabulous photo of an elephant wearing pants. Sample ad copy or tagline: This is an elephant. Wearing a pair of pants. Publication Year: 1963 Approximate Ad Size (in inches): 10 x Condition: VG

Happy pic

Love the silhouette! Baby elephant and mother. Lots of elephant photos!


For the love of ice cream - elephant photograph - black and white

Cute elephants bathing

2 baby elephants playing in a pool. I think they need a bigger pool



You look at this picture and try to tell me animals do not feel or understand! oh the happiness I see =] baby elephant playing in water!

Aunque lo parezca, nunca se esconden. Son fieles a sus principios, y sobre todo, con los suyos.

Elephant Day 12 August Respect and Save -Under African Skies: 15 Landscape Photos To Get Lost In

You back up, no, you back up.....

Baby Elephants at Play! (via Wild Life with.