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After a long time, finally a piece for my Batman gallery This was first more a quick doodle, I did in my break at work, when I was bored I liked the ide. Harley and the Dee Dee Twins

Harley Quinn

There’s a lot wrong with the world you live in.” ~ Chris Colfer ARTWORK: Julio Cesar, a. A freelancer illustrator from Fortaleza - CE, in Brazil.

Kate Kane commission by phil-cho on @DeviantArt

Commissioned by Roy Westerman Roysovitch Concept/Design also by Roy Westerman Character Owned by DC Comics Kate Kane commission

Deedee Twins

The Dee Dee Twins are the two twin sisters Delia and Deidre Dennis who were the granddaughters.

Hardware - Curtis Metcalf; Curtis "Curt" Metcalf is a genius ...

Darla Dudley // DC Comics Darla One of the six kids that together fuse into Captain Thunder. She is gifted with the Speed of Mercury.