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A company created a new type of personal air conditioner

Evapolar manufactures innovative personal evaporative air conditioners and coolers.

TrackR sticker is a small, coin-sized tracking device that you can attach onto any device or belonging. Download the Free TrackR app - then use the distance indicator, separation alerts, phone finder, and Crowd GPS features to find your TrackR in seconds!

Bravo (5-pack)

Sense Home Energy Monitor

There are plenty of smart thermostats on the market, aimed at helping you save on your bills. But your furnace isn't the only thing sucking up energy. The Sense Home Energy Monitor tracks every appliance, light, and electronic to help.

Home Automation Products For Apple & Android #smarthomesystem

Belkin WeMo - wifi enabled outlet adapters in your home, allowing you to turn on or off anything that is plugged into the adapters. WeMo line includes light switches, motion detectors.

Zing, named appropriately because it aims at bringing some zing into your life, is the kind of thing you plug in once and forget about. Each Zing is a full-color, plug-in night light with smartphone control and light effects, including automatic blue light reduction to help you sleep better. Shop now!

The Things That You Could Do With Your Tablet. There is so much to do on an tablet.

HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE IN 60 MINUTES WITH WORDPRESS  http://web-tools.club/how-to-create-a-website/

Bagel Smart Tape

Bagel Tape is a new smart device that lets you measure small distances (up to 16 feet) in several different ways: you get a string that allows you measure round surfaces, flip the Bagel Tape on the side so that the wheel inside turns and measures the

Seek Thermal Imaging Camera for your phone. Use your phone to see thermal images in daytime or at night up to 1,800 feet away.

Thermal Imaging Camera For Your Smartphone

Seek Thermal CompactXR Extended Range Thermal Imager for iPhone

MOORING: Reboots Your Sleep Cycle - Ultralight thermal mattress pad that optimizes your sleep cycle and improves your sleep quality.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 24 Pics

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Awair is a smart device that helps you track and improve your air and shows how the indoor environment affects your health

Awair Air Quality Monitor

Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor with LED display Did you know that we spend almost of our time indoors where pollutant levels can be up to 10 times higher

Piper nv

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems

Piper NV All-in-One Security System with Video Monitoring Camera, Available in Black or White

WEB3IOT - Latest Products Feb 2015 - WEB3IOT.COM

WEB3IOT - Latest Products Feb 2015 - WEB3IOT.COM

Nubo camera.jpg

Panasonic Nubo takes the video monitoring market to the next level. Nubo is World’s first and only Mobile Monitoring Camera.