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Reasons to be a mermaid…

Reasons to be a memaid No periods No pants Perfect hair You get to lure men into their death Also free clam bra

The only gap that counts.... I may or may have not snorted when i read this hahaha

I have the most important gap.---I have to work to achieve this most important gap. But i am way more concerned with it than a thigh gap.

yes to everything but the men, i don't want to even hear the word men, man, male,boy or anything else to do with them when the time has arrived. the only reason i tolerate my son is because he's too young to understand anything and he came out of me soooo...

A free hotel for ladies on their period. Why aren't we funding this?

And now I've realized something new about my life!

Does that mean getting shit faced is the human version of pressing CTrL ALT Delete?// Therapy is the human version of a virus check

If that's true, I'm never calling it a microwave again. <-- xD

I am looking that up, because if it's true, well that's just too awesome. <<< hoi im Welsh and for a matter of fact, that is true :D popty-ping is a slang word for microwave, have a nice day :)

Haters gonna hate. Eat those animal crackers girl!

You eat them animal crackers girl! That cashier is pretty fricken awesome:)

I can't stop laughing!!!

I need to move on from call me maybe.>>> I made a song courus: Hey I just threw a grape in the a-air It hit a spider and now I'm scared and all the other times I was okay but now there's a spider on my face!

Did you know your uterus is worth $3.2 billion. What.

Funny pictures about The secret of periods. Oh, and cool pics about The secret of periods. Also, The secret of periods.

Hakuna your tatas!

fat-little-virgin: “ wickedlywenchy: “ “ Alternative phrases to “calm your tits” ” Hakuna your tatas……love that one! ” Don’t have a rack attack lol ”


Things I should be doing, so many. Things I am not currently doing, any of that.