Knitted Flower Tattoo - this is pretty amazing.  I'm not into tattoos, for myself, but this totally captures the feel of something knit.

20 Tattoos Inspired By Crafting

but I find it hilarious that someone got a tat of knit/crochet flowers

Looks painful.

sternum tattoo, love the upper right Perfect for Henna would look hot under a nice pair of tits

Pretty Flowers and Berries tattoo on Back

The Pretty Flowers and Berries tattoo on Back by Olga Nekrasova is an awesome tattoo idea, and it's also done well.

have an inexplicable affinity for this

By Michael Hastings at kaleidoscope tattoo. Not a fan of the man but I love the style of the elephant!

Wu-Tang Tattoo by Rebecca Sophia

Top 40 Best Wu-Tang Tattoo Designs