Sketch dump 60 by LiLaiRa

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BrainSpew the 40th by on @DeviantArt

Originally Posted: May 2009 ----- HAI GUYZ. Still ungodly busy but still making time to doodle! BrainSpew the

Sketch Dump no.17 by on @DeviantArt

Some sketches from the past month or so. Still having trouble finding motivation, but I'm still happy with most of these. That grey and green canid belo.

Sketch dump 62 by LiLaiRa

BrainSpew the 49th and a half by on @DeviantArt

Originally Posted: December 2009 ----- Yes, forty-nine AND A HALF. Because I’m saving number fifty for something magical and mysterious that is taki. BrainSpew the and a half