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The master tailor Giovanni Barberis Organista bastes the suit.

The master tailor Giovanni Barberis Organista bastes the suit.

vent suits, single breasted suits, Men' double breasted suits, Men's plus size suits . Fine Suit with right length and perfect shoulder fit is must have item for men!

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This is an interesting guide on wearing the adequate shoes with the right attire. - discount mens dress shoes on sale, mens deck shoes, cheap mens shoes

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How to select a Tie. Does that striped tie match with a plaid shirt? This guide to colors, patterns, and knots will ensure you're looking good in whatever tie you wear.

La forma de doblar los pantalones habla de la importancia que le des a tu imagen. Te compartimos la manera correcta de hacerlo.

31 Clothing Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know. Shown: The Savile Row fold, to prevent pants from slipping off the hanger.

Caraceni showtailoring with the iconic VBC fabric Original Wollen Flannel at

For all those men that love their but don't know how to fold them. here are 72 ways to fold your pocket squares to give your look some diversity among your dapper brethren.

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How A Dress Shirt Should Fit Infographic – Men’s Proper Fitting Dress Shirts (via Centeno) style

Spy School: A Training and Diet Plan to Get as Fit as James Bond

A Double O has to be strong, fast, and athletic. We'll have you ready for the spy academy in no time.