Wendy Hoare - Black Bean Seedling 2011  H1000 x Diameter 450 mm   "At present I use coarse handbuilding clays. Each has its own character and handles differently, producing subtle changes in approach and resulting textures. Also the white, cream and red bodies help to expand my limited colour range. This is deliberate as I wish the colour to be a natural and integral part of the form; not painted on decoration."

Wendy Hoare - Black Bean Seedling 2011 x Diameter 450 mm "At present I use…

Ceramic Artst Penelope Withers : AvecJasmine

I wonder if I could do something similar simply by changing the center on the wheel (starting with a thick vase or bowl).


♂ Japanese ceramic art still life 古いもの : うつわノート. Loving this - embracexcellence

Ted Secombe #ceramics #pottery

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