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Animados retro fotografías - Creaciones director artístico Kevin Weir.

Animados retro fotografías

Los GIF animados de Sam Cannon como expresión artística

Los GIF animados de Sam Cannon como expresión artística

© Bill Domonkos Gif | Cóctel Demente

Bill Domonkos is a filmmaker, GIF maker and stereoscopist. His work has been shown internationally in cinemas, film festivals, galleries and museums.

Animados retro fotografas

Animados retro fotografías

Insane GIFS put Cthulhu and mechs in old Library of Congress photographs

¿Y si transformaramos en gifs viejas fotografías históricas? ¡Los tenemos!

fluxmachine gifs Artist Kevin Weir creates ghostly animated GIFs using Archival photos from the Library of Congress

This week, the guys over at NYPL Labs launched their Stereogranimator, which promises to revive interest in the vintage stereograms in their collection.

Verstörende GIFs von Milos Rajkovic

Verstörende GIFs von Milos Rajkovic

Anderen in die Köpfe gucken – die Portrait-GIFs von Sholim - detailverliebt.

Maestro shaolim — POUSTA

Maestro shaolim

by Milos Rajkovic (aka Sholim) ~ Surreal Animated GIFs of Faceless People


The group of Japanese friends comes up with some rrrrrrrroll gifs. These animated gifs show pictures of people and objects constantly rotating around their own axis.

gifs macabros kevin weir (3)

Artist Kevin Weir Takes Historical Photographs And Brings Them Back To Life As Creepy Gifs

Curiosos y escalofriantes GIFs realizados en antiguas fotografías en blanco y negro

Artist Turns Vintage Library Of Congress Photos Into Awesomely Creepy GIFs