Cute Chick - FREE Crochet Pattern (original pattern is written in Dutch, but Google Translate does a pretty good job converting to English)

Free crochet hedgehog cute!!!

One could make these small enough that they fit into the plastic easter eggs that one can find in the dollar store and pop a chick in each egg as a cute and lasting easter surprise. #easterchick #amigurumi

Links to a page of adorable creations with no translation tab and no patterns. Only lots of inspiration!

Amigurumi Bunny with Cup and Spoon - FREE Crochet Pattern and Tutorial (use Google Translate)

Crochet Duck chick Free Pattern An Amigurumi stuffed toy chick Perfect for Easter

Free Ravelry Crochet Pattern: Cute Chick...this little guy is adorable!

Free Duck Crochet Pattern. Scroll Down for English PDF download. Haakpatroon Ducky

Amigurumi Lamb - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial....I used the translator.

Cute crochet chick beanbags ... how cute would this be with an egg-shaped board to toss them in!?