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Feyre in Nught Court Attire

Feyre in Night Court clothes. They're not necessarily straight from the book but inspired by it ^^ Feyre is from the a Court of Thorns and Roses series .


if u cant see the electric bolt in that eye contact then u r not a true shipper of Freysand

Feysand ❤️

fireheart-cursebreaker: “ pojainter: “ Rhys and Feyre sketch because I’m a soppy piece of shit and don’t know if I can wait until next year for the next book to come out. Yes I will be painting this. Yes I spent my.

Rhys would be a groom who cries over how beautiful his bride is 💯

Aelin and Feyre book sisters

Aelin from Throne of Glass & Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Feyre's Waterwolves ACOMAF by FalseHope04 on Deviantart

Feyre and her water wolves from Sarah J Maas' book 'A Court of Mist and Fury'.

Defender Of The Rainbow by Tokio92.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Born like practice doodle to overcome the art block, i liked how it was coming out and i decided to finish it. This is how i imagined Feyre Archeron Defender of the Rainbow and her water wolwes fro.

My own.  "Ever since I lost my son…I think of you as my own" I bet Zuko came for some calming jasmine tea. <3 By viria13.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Ever since I lost my son…I think of you as my own. Because I am having so many Zuko feels since his older version was released. So I had to draw some Iroh-Zuko, since it’s one of my all time favourite relationships ever. And I know, Iroh is so so so